Foxy Shazam at the Intersection, Grand Rapids, 04.29.12

I arrived late, just in time for the main attraction: Foxy Shazam. I caught a bit of Maniac, who was quite the entertaining group of people. They were eccentric and the music was lively, plus one of the two singers kept doing something I could only describe as warbling. They were good though, I would definitely want to see them again when I have more time.

It was fascinating to see how the fans and media presence have grown since the last time I saw Foxy Shazam at the Intersection, only about six months ago. The last time I saw them, they opened for Panic! at the Disco and while there was a good chunk of fan base there for them (you could tell by the faux mustaches), there was only one other photographer there to shoot them.  This time, the front of the stage was packed full of them, all eager to snap a shot of the stage insanity that is Foxy Shazam. I was lucky having seen them before, I knew just where to stand to get the photos I wanted.  Having a preference for their horn player, Alex Nauth, I secured my location stage left. Singer, Eric Nally tends to hover more towards that side as well, despite the fact that he is in constant motion performing his acrobatics and various rock singer stances. He is hard to keep track of, but great fun to watch. Many of the photographers preferred shots of Schuyler Vaughn White on keys… And under keys… And next to keys.  He is all over the place with his keyboard and always with an incredibly large and animated grin on his face. While entertaining, my focus and love is still on Alex Nauth. Daisy, on bass, still makes an impression as well, though he tends to hide a little in the back.  Loren, guitarist thrusts his way into one’s attention span as well. On drums is Aaron McVeigh, the least mobile of the group, but he still exudes a massive presence. All the boys of Foxy Shazam are talented and viable in their own way.  It is so much easier to enjoy any band when they seem to be enjoying themselves as well. Boring is a word I would never use to describe this dynamic group of musicians.

Their stage presence is not their only draw, their music is so diverse with such depth and energy, it just sucks you in. From catchy rhythms to melodic ballads, they really do cover it all. An appropriate start to the show on this Sunday night, was the title track from their recent album, “Welcome to the Church of Rock and Roll”. From that moment on, they owned the venue.

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