Foxy Shazam – Interview with the Band

I recently had the chance to ask Foxy Shazam a few questions when they were in the area, and this is what they said:

Flocked Media: What is your favorite memory from the early days, before the tours and labels?  What is the biggest change you have found from being signed to a label?

Eric Nally: My favorite memory is sitting in my mom’s basement with Loren, before it all started, daydreaming about someday being in a successful band that would change the world. The biggest change to that in regards to labels is the realization that we’re closer to that goal.  This comes with increased stress but it’s actually great you asked this question because you often need to be re-awakened to the initial passion your dream was born from because it’s easy to lose sight of that over time.

FM: What separates us the most, if anything, from your European audiences?

Eric: The North Atlantic Ocean.

FM: Besides being in a different country, how do you think your upcoming tour with The Darkness will be different from your recent tour with Panic! At the Disco?

Eric: We pride ourselves on being able to adapt to different audiences.  Panic’s crowd being younger, The Darkness’ being older.

FM: Where do you find clothing/accessories for your performances?  Do you have clothes made for you or is it found, like at second hand stores?  Do fans send you items?

Eric: Daisy’s fiance Rachelle Caplan makes all of our outfits.  Her eye for fashion matches ours and we feel compliments our passion and music perfectly.  And she’s a trained tiger-tamer.  Check out;

FM: When you are in a new town, is there a certain store or type of store you always need to seek out?  Do you ever have time to be a tourist?

Eric: Food is a very inspirational thing for us.  We are very epicurious (we know that’s not a real word…yet), and open to tasting the regional fare in all places that we stop on tour.

Oh, and we also occasionally enjoy a dim-lit, hard-to-find, dive bar.

FM: Does your upcoming album hold true with your current sound or will you be building on and advancing your current music?  How so?

Eric: It’s a completely different sound.  If you are a Foxy Shazam fan you are used to expecting the unexpected.  This album is no different in the way that it is completely different.

FM: Has changing labels recently affected your album release?  Has it affected anything else, for better or worse?

Eric: You have to have a good rhythm with your label which is based on how strong your relationship is with them.  We have a great relationship with IRS.  We feel they’re from the same planet as us.

FM: Have you developed any habits on the road that are not carried over to your home life?

Eric: Overall, we are who we are.  Both sides of our lives are connected even when we try to not let them be.  But there are the mundane changes such as less sleep and eating out everyday, etc.

FM: If you could no longer be a musician and a performer, what would you do with yourself?

Eric: The first person to step foot on Mars

Loren: A model

Aaron: I dunno

Daisy: Professional sleeper

Sky: General manager at FashionBug

Alex: Somersault Instructor

FM: What do you think is the best way for fans to support music these days?

Eric: Go see live shows.

FM: Benefits are quite the popular thing these days, what cause(s) would inspire you to put one together?

Eric: I’ve always wanted to write a song for Scooby-Doo and benefit all the proceeds to the Foundation for Kid’s Nightmares Association Place.  That I will have to create because it doesn’t exist.  Seriously.

FM: If you were an animal, what animal would you be?  Why?

Eric: Pink Panther.

Alex: Chester Cheetah.

Daisy: Tiger.

Sky: Ninja Turtle.

Aaron: A caterpillar.

Loren: Meerkat, cause it rhymes with Fearcat.

FM: Which cancelled TV show do you miss the most?  Why?

Eric: Arrested Development and My Name Is Earl because it reminds us of home.

FM: What was the last movie you saw in a theater?

Eric: The Rum Diary.

FM: If you could only have one video game and/or DVD [set] to play on your tour bus/van while on the road, what game/DVD would it be?  Why?

Eric: Twin Peaks

Loren: Ancient Aliens

Aaron: Lost

Alex: Back To The Future Trilogy

Sky: Punchout

Daisy: Security camera footage of really boring gas stations.

FM: Is there a question you have been waiting to be asked, that you feel is always forgotten and needs to be addressed?

Eric: What’s wrong?


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