Friend Slash Lover Debut Album EP “As American as Ones and Zeros”

A stronger, smarter music is in our future and FRIEND SLASH LOVER is a preview into what lies ahead. With the release of their six-track EP As American as Ones and Zeros, this groundbreaking Los Angeles group is ready to expand the minds of the listening public as they break away from the standards of rock music. FRIEND SLASH LOVER was brought to life by Josh Mintz, a musical mastermind hailing from The Rhode Island School of Design. Along with bassist Frank Day the two form the core of the band. Mintz is an accomplished creative director and guerilla artist who spent time with OBEY artist Shepard Fairey in the early 90s wheat pasting posters. He had worked on music in his spare time before finally moving operations from his bedroom to the recording studio.

Armed with an oddly-tuned guitar (that a friend had tuned into an unusual open tuning) and an ever-expanding litany of original songs inspired by his own visual art and modern paranoia, Mintz created the tracks that would become As American as Ones and Zeros.

The result is an impressive catalog of material that was inspired in equal parts by Sigur Ros, Nirvana and post-modern sensibility. Title track “As American as Ones and Zeros” leads the collection, a satire of our attempt to save ourselves from technology with technology. As Mintz crows in the song’s chorus, “People want a pill to cure them of their woes/It’s as American as ones and zeros.” The propulsive, rocking “Disasteroid” playfully addresses environmental concerns and global destruction, defining Earth as an “asteroid” headed towards an uncertain future: “It’s getting warmer in here/a little more every year/but there is nothing to fear/because the world will still be here/after all.” Elsewhere, “Breakin Up” and “I Brake for Guilty Consciences” explore acoustic textures and open sonic space, complimenting these enchanting ballads with backwards pianos and imaginative sound effects.

Though a fledgling band, Friend Slash Lover has already filmed a professional music video for “Disasteroid,” a free gift from a fan and friend looking to break into filmmaking. “He asked if he could shoot a video. I agreed, thinking it was just going to be a hand-held, homemade thing – next thing I know, I have my own dressing room and we’re shooting in the Hollywood Hills with thirty extras.”

More is on the way from Friend Slash Lover: Mintz says he’s already got the next five records mapped out, along with release parties that double as art shows, reinforcing the symbiotic relationship of the songwriter’s work in both fields. Restlessly creative, daringly inventive and addictively listenable, Friend Slash Lover is a band that will continue to exceed our expectations.

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