GR30K: Movie Premier Review

On Friday, October twenty-second, at the Wealthy Theater in Grand Rapids a local Grand Rapids movie made it’s big screen debut. The movie was made by people from Grand Rapids, it starred actors/actresses from Grand Rapids and it featured music by Grand Rapid’s based bands. The movie was even about Grand Rapids. The movie was awesome. The movie was GR30K. Is that some leetspeak, you may ask. No, it is not. This movie is about the big city of Grand Rapids (GR) in 30,000 A.C. (30K).

The big name behind this futuristic romp in Grand Rapids is Daniel Falicki, a local creative mind who can normally be seen on stage with the Super Happy Funtime Burlesque. This film is a re-imagination of the ‘Heavy Metal’ movie from 1981, a cult classic. GR30K will too be a cult classic, at least among the folks in Grand Rapids, MI. The movie is constructed of four different stories. All of which feature a different story line and different characters, but all tie into the premise of the evil overlords of the city.

There have been four nuclear holocausts, a second ice age and Grand Rapids is the only place that survived. The big companies have taken over everything and now rule the city: Devoz Corp, Stealbase and Filmore Collection. They run the city and they do it in a nasty way. Stealbase drags people off the street and forces them to work in their factories, Filmore Collection makes fake food and distributes it as they see fit and the Devoz family want to be Gods!

The film is full of laughs, and some serious stories. It may go over the heads of people that are not from Grand Rapids, or who have not lived there and experienced life as a “Grand Rapidian”. For those that know the premise of the evil corps names and the streets and all of the insides of this city there are inside jokes and puns. One can’t help but enjoy watching friends and acquaintances act on the big screen.

The four stories were written by Matt Simpson Siegel, Juliet Bennett Rylah, Randy Wyatt, Daniel E. Falicki. Stand out performers were Jacqueline Joy in the first story, Michael O’Hair in the second story and both Rachel Finan and Cassie Truskowski in the final story. All four stories were interesting though the third would be more fun for a stoner than just the “normal” individual. Much nudity graced the final story, making it the favorite of some people.

Kudos go to all of the cast and crew that worked on this wonderful film that was put together with the help of Grand Rapids Collective Studios. The Wealthy Theater on Fulton Street was full so it was a great turn out in support of the local talent that put together masterful piece of science fiction. And, it makes you wonder: is Grand Rapids like a cockroach? Will the city survive anything and will the big names that seem to run the city now really take over? Who knows, but it makes for a great flick!