Happy Birthday Ernie Kovacs: Archive Audio Released from Estate


LOS ANGELES, CA (MONDAY JANUARY 23, 2012) – Omnivore Recordings (www.omnivorerecordings.com) announced today that they have an agreement in place with Ediad Productions to release all audio material from the archive of the estates of legendary comedian Ernie Kovacs (www.erniekovacs.com) and Tony award winning singer/entertainer Edie Adams (www.edieadams.com). This announcement comes as a birthday gift to Kovacs fans as today would have been his 93rd birthday. Post a birthday remembrance via social media and sign off with one of his signature phrases, “It’s Been Real” (#itsbeenreal) on Twitter.

The first album to be released is titled Percy Dovetonsils Thpeaks, a previously unreleased comedy album featuring Kovacs’ best-known and beloved character originally recorded in 1961. Full details and track listing will be announced shortly.

Additional audio-only material from the archive includes a vast, never-before-heard collection of soundtracks from Ernie Kovacs shows of the early 1950s. This material survives on more than 150 audio airchecks. Omnivore is presently compiling releases from these recordings for release this year and beyond. Additional material in the archive includes audio selections from the career of Tony Award winning entertainer Edie Adams, who was also Kovacs’ wife up until his passing in 1962.

“Omnivore is simply thrilled to be working with the estates of Ernie Kovacs and Edie Adams to create new releases for these legends,” said Cheryl Pawelski, Owner/Partner of Omnivore Recordings “It’s a privilege just to be able to hear these recordings, and we can’t wait to share them with the legions of fans of classic television, music and comedy.

The Percy Dovetonsils Thpeaks is a collection featuring bits from Kovacs gentle, martini drinking, lisping, fey poet who became ripe fodder for a comedy album in the late 1950s. A fan favorite on his television shows, this album was recorded for an independent record label before legal entanglements shelved the project until the 1970s. The reel had been mislabeled and was discovered recently by archivist Ben Model. After hearing Kovacs discuss the record in a CBC Canada television interview, Model was able to piece together the mislabeled tape and realized its current value.

The album will appeal to Kovacs fans who have demonstrated their continuing interest in the iconic comedian by purchasing large numbers of the recently released 6-DVD box set The Ernie Kovacs Collection.

More news and live events around the archives of Ernie Kovacs and Edie Adams will be announced shortly.

About Omnivore Recordings:
Founded in 2010 by longtime, highly respected industry veterans Cheryl Pawelski, Greg Allen, and Brad Rosenberger, Omnivore Recordings’ vision is to preserve the legacies and music created by historical, heritage, and catalog artists while also releasing previously unissued, newly found “lost” recordings and making them available for music-loving audiences to discover. Omnivore Recordings is distributed by EMI in North America and Ace Records UK in Europe.

About Ediad Productions, Inc.
Formed by the late entertainer & Muriel Cigar girl Edie Adams and currently run by her son Joshua Mills, Ediad Productions is home to what is likely the largest independent archive of early American television in existence. With more than 150 half-hours of content from legendary comedian Ernie Kovacs as well as two seasons of Edie Adams’ prime time variety show from the mid-1960s, Ediad Productions is a treasure trove of classic popular entertainment. Titles in the archive include, The Ernie Kovacs Show, Ernie in Kovacsland, Take A Good Look (clues), the Kovacs specials for ABC, The Edie Adams Show, Here’s Edie! and much more. Ediad Productions is the go-to archive for television, digital & mobile entertainment content and is based in Los Angeles, California.