Hollands, Faces – CD Review

As I listen to this five-song album I can feel the power behind the energy of the members involved. You can really feel the intensity of the song and imagine how much better it must be when played live. There are a few songs where the recording sounds a bit tinny when the cymbals almost overpowering you a bit, but that doesnÕt ruin my overall opinion of the album.

They have quality lyrics and each song has its own range and unique qualities that makes it its own. In just these five songs they have managed to showcase a great range of talent and ability that makes you desire a full-length album. The strumming of the guitar leading into gentle vocal rhythms, easing you into this intense yet calmingly orchestrated composition; it really can mesmerize.

There are many bands that cannot offer such diversity across a 13-song album, let alone this. But I enjoyed each variation on their talents and expect great things from their future ventures.

Track Listing:
1. Strong Arm
2. Anomie
3. Over and Out
4. Coughing Boy
5. High Class
Released 24 March 2009