Holloway: a review of their music

I don’t know anything about this band. I was just given the job of downloading their music and doing a review. So, here it is. Oh, and you will have to do your own research to find out about this band. Why? Because I am just here to tell you about their music. Don’t be lazy.

First I chose to open the one titled “Somebody’s Watching Me,” which I didn’t think anything of when I first opened it. But when the familiar tune began to play I was intrigued. I must admit, I was easily able to sit and listen to the whole cover tune. I actually think this version far surpasses the original. It has a great rough edge to the guitar work, the vocals are perfect, on pitch and brilliant. I am in awe. And it takes a lot for that to happen with me when it comes to music these days.

The other songs that were magically included in the download I received are titled “Movement I”, “Movement II” and “Movement III.” These three songs seem to fit together, in somewhat a storyline. They are moving songs, full of feeling. I am not as impressed with these three as I was the cover tune, but they are definitely a talented band. The lyrics are interesting, the vocals are easy to listen to and the instrumentation is the best part of this band.