How To Throw A Funeral For Your Pet Mouse (A Tutorial from Alcoholic Faith Mission)

Alcoholic Faith Mission Pay Tribute To The Death of a Pet Mouse In New Video for “Legacy”

When a pet dies, what do you do?  For one young girl with a fascination for death and anthropology, this question leads to a flood of answers as she considers the full histories of human funerals, across time and cultures, for her beloved mouse.


Danish sextet Alcoholic Faith Mission have released a brand new video for the track “Legacy,” taken from their recently-released, And the Running with Insanity EP. Directed by Bryn Chainey, the video for “Legacy” chronicles the loss of a beloved pet mouse, and a young girl’s fascination for death and eclectic funerals. Set against the lush, horn infused melodies of the four minute (and some spare change) track, the video explores cultural ceremonies ranging from a customary Japanese funeral to a space burial. Call it a tutorial and tribute to all the (extreme) pet lovers out there.

[tube video=”20893382″]

“Brooding lyrics and crying-in-your-beer folk-balladeer singalongs…these five Danes are out to wreck your heart with carefully calibrated bombs of acoustic sorrow.” – MTV (International Artists to Watch at SXSW ’11)

“Five Hot Acts From Denmark Making Waves” – Hollywood Reporter

“Really quite anthemic…” –

And The Running With Insanity EP Track Listing:

1. Running With Insanity
2. Legacy
3. When They Bleed
4. Drowning (In Myself)
5. Dancing Fools