Indie Punk Band Biting Elbows Releases New Single & Video

photo_9173 photo_8403Los Angeles, CA – Following the success of their last video which became a YouTube success, reaching over two million views and gaining them a recording contract and opening slots for Linkin Park and Guns N’ Roses, Russian indie punk/rock band Biting Elbows continues to push the envelope. The band is releasing their thrilling new single and video “Bad Motherf*cker.” The video carries just as much, if not more fire power and sting as the name of the song. The band’s efforts have been paying off as their fan base has significantly increased and begged for more. Known to pack a hard punch with their videos and music, Biting Elbows have been making a name for themselves in Europe and beyond.

Heart-racing and non-stop action, the video for “Bad Motherf*cker” is a sequel to last year’s “Stampede,” also known as “Insane Office Escape.” The prequel video is a short movie in the point of view of a man who steals a magic vial and is chased through an office and kidnapped. Directed by Naishuller and shot by Sergey Valyaev, the “Bad Motherf*cker” video is an intensified grimy and gritty continuation of “Stampede” and is portrayed like a real life video game, amid tons of blood and vivid shoot-outs. The sequel follows the main character as he escapes the building, killing anyone in his way as he evades his kidnappers. Full of intriguing special effects and jaw-dropping stunts, the video will have fans on the edge of their seats. Shot over nine full days, the video had a team of five stuntmen, including a parkour practitioner, and three camera specialists. The song itself lyrically speaks to, and at the same time mocks the idea of how rock stars keep up a bad boy persona to keep fans interested. The video is currently available to watch on Biting Elbow’s YouTube channel.

Fronted by vocalist and guitarist Ilya Naishuller, the four-piece indie band got its start in 2007 with lead guitarist Garik Buldenkov, bassist Ilya Kondratiev and virtuoso drummer Alexei Zamaraev. The four men take their sound to new heights by experimenting with electric sounds, mashing them together with rock ‘n’ roll and adding post-punk elements to create head-nodding tracks. The Russian musicians became a hit with the locals during the first years of their career and released their first EP together called The Dope Fiend Massacre in 2011. Along with the EP came the viral music videos for the EP’s lead single “Stampede.” Multitalented Naishuller is a director by day and shoots all of the band’s music videos including the Youtube sensation “Stampede.” With such an impressive collection of professionally made music videos and an ever-growing fan base, Biting Elbows signed with Russia’s Misteria Records. Since then, they have opened for numerous notable artists such as Linkin Park, Guns N’ Roses, The Cure, Placebo, and more. In addition, several of their songs have had placements in TV and major Russian movies, as well as having a few of their videos in rotation on Russian TV, including MTV.

 Equipped with a devoted following and a master plan for world domination, Biting Elbows are sure to continue their growth both internationally and in the US. They are surely not a band to miss out on. Follow their journey at