Interview with Eyes Set To Kill

Started in 2004, this Phoenix, Arizona five piece has been tearing up the US with their new album Broken Frames. After a slew of members coming and going the current lineup includes Alexia Rodriguez, Anissa Rodriguez, Caleb Greg Clifton, Kerwin, Cisko Miranda. Named one of the Alternative Press’s top 100 bands you need to know, they are hitting the streets with nowhere to go but up. I was able to sit down with Greg, Cisko and Alexia before their set at 2010 Warped Tour stop in Detroit.

Me: Your third album just came out June 8th of this year, it’s called Broken Frames. This is your third in consecutive years, can you tell me about this one?

Al:   It just came out        .  We are playing a bunch of songs off it here at Warped Tour.  So far it’s been really good.  It’s different from the second album as we didn’t have much time to write it, and way more different from the first.  That was an album I wrote where some of the songs were from high school.

Me: Where do the inspiration fir these lyrics come from?

Al:  Well the first song Broken Frames, that was about wanting to forget a memory.  I kept writing and saw I was writing about other memories.

Me: Cisko, with you being the new guy, how was the transition replacing Brandon?  How is everyone gelling together?

Ck:  It’s actually been really well, our first show we just clicked.  It’s been uphill from there.

Gr: Downhill is the easy one right?

Me: Yeah.

Ck: (Laughing) Yeah, that one.  It’s been real good.

Me: Tell me about your writing process, is it a collective effort or do you just come in with some lyrics?

Al:  We really try and not do the same thing every time.  Sometimes we just start off with a guitar riff or some singing, really anything.

Me: How has the warped tour experience been for you so far?

Gr: Hot fun, hot and sweaty fun.

Me: Now, have you been to Detroit before?

Gr: Yeah

Me: How do you like playing this city?

Gr: Yeah, we played at Harpos before.

Me: That’s always an experience.

Gr: That place was pretty scary

Me: (Laughing) For sure, that’s where you go to really let loose.

Gr: We were touring with a different band than us, they were a pretty heavy type band with some real die hard fans, some real interesting people.  The response to the last tour was great, the Detroit show we played was awesome. Detroit’s shows have always been good shows. I don’t know why we don’t play here more often. We have only done three in the past three years.

Me: So touring pretty extensively the past few years, what is the hardest part your have found about being out on the road?

Gr: A lot, mostly not showering. Every single day can be kind of hard. You know, we are doing it in a van, which makes it harder.

Me: Alexis, how did it feel to be nominated for a Revolver Golden Gods award?

Al: It was cool, pretty flattering I guess. I wasn’t bummed not to win.

Me: Who was you favorite celebrity that you saw at the ceremony?

Al: Dave Grohl for sure.

Me: What are you listening to right now?

Al: We have been listening to a lot of Closure In Moscow; they are playing on the same stage as us. We like them a lot. We just got the new Norma Jean album.

Gr: Yeah, Norma Jean, Dillinger.

Me: What bands would you want people to know about this on tour, other than yourself that is?

Gr: Probably Closure In Moscow, so under the radar. Those guys should be so bigger than they are.

Me: Thanks for your time.