Interview with iwrestledabearonce

IWABO is a band described as an avant-garde metal band from Shreveport, LA.  I think this band is a little bit harder to peg down than that.  Inspired by Gary Busey and everything between that everything vulgar, these guys are quite exciting indeed.  There album This Is Happening has reached #1 on Billboards Top Heat seekers chart and have just re released it as a deluxe 2 CD with DVD combo pack.  I got the chance to talk to Steven, one of the group’s founders and guitarist.

Me: I a here with Steven from IWRESTLEDABEARONCE.  I love your name; I know it comes from a Gary Busey quote.  Would you wrestle Gary Busey?

St: Yes I would, just so I could meet him and hang out with him.

Me: Nat scared at all?

St: Oh.  He’d kill me; he would rip my head off and defecate down the opening.  It would be worth it just to meet him.

Me: You have been described as so many different genres, where would you say your main influences come from to bring this all together?

St: Not giving a shit about anything and having fun.  We all listen to every single style of music.  I mean we are predominately heavy but we can do whatever we want.  From the very start we did everything, so we can’t sellout or get to heavy cause we’ve been doing it from the start.

Me: So there can be no expectations?

St: That’s pretty much the idea.

Me: I have seen one of your tour videos and I have to know if this is real.  You brought some guys on stage and gave them presents, supposedly containing shit.  They were to be given a free tee shirt if they ate it.

St: No, it was actually a brownie that was four months old.  It was still really, really, really fucking nasty.  He ate it and was vomiting everywhere.  We would do this every night.  Someone would always eat one every night, just fucking gross.

Me: It seems to me that you keep some diehard fans.

St: We seem to attract people that really love us or just want us to die.  We don’t really have lukewarm fans, which is awesome.

Me: I love the videos you do.  The first one was for the song, Taste Like Kevin Bacon.  Where did the concept come from for that?

St: Our friend wanted to do a video for us, so we did it in his basement.  Like, the part with the inflatable stuff and the green screen, we had to put up a bed sheet in his basement to pull it off.  Basically my friend Aaron is brilliant and did it.  We brainstormed and came up with this 80’s Saved By The Bell thing.  It’s funny because we ended up doing a video staring the actual Principal Belding from the show.

Me: My next question is about that.  The video you did with Mr. Belding and some creepy guy who looks like an uncle unwelcome to Thanksgiving dinner.

St: Or 500 feet of a school.

Me: Yeah for sure.  How fun was it making that?

St: Dennis Haskins is the raddest dude ever.  He is legitimately nice as hell, totally ok with people calling him Mr. Belding.  He knows that is his position in life and he’s affected a shit ton of people.

Me: So I am watching this video and figure there has to be a point when he figures out what is going on and figures he needs to get out of there.

St: Originally the video was a lot crazier and he was like I cannot say this.  We had him saying some really crazy shit.  At first was like, alright but after thinking about he did not want to tarnish the Mr. Belding name by talking about titty fucking people.  The script we sent him had to be the most vulgar thing ever.  He said, “Awesome, I am down to do it, I just cannot say that.”  There wasn’t even supposed to be an evil assistant principal, so we made Dennis oblivious.

Me: Having spent the past three years on the road, how do you keep it fun?

St: Drinking.  Not taking things too seriously.  We do have the worst luck of any band on Earth.  Our house was broken into two weeks and all of our stuff was stolen.  We all live together so all of our stuff.  Shit like that happens all the time.

Me: You just moved your home base from Shreveport, Louisiana to Birmingham, Alabama, what prompted that move?

St: Well, our lease was up and couldn’t find anywhere in Shreveport.  We literally found this place on Craigslist.

Me: Other than the robbery things how is Birmingham treating you?

St: It’s really laid back.  Birmingham is very Austinish.  A lot of hippies, lot’s of hipsters, a lot of crazy beer and people that like to do drugs.

Me: So PBR stocked in every market?

St: Oh yeah, everywhere now.  .  I started drinking PBR when I was 16 and I am 25 now, then it was the cheap shit.  I would give someone money and ask them to get me the cheapest stuff and that’s what you would get.

Me: Not anymore.

St: Yeah it’s hip now.

Me: How has your Warped Tour experience been so far?

St: Fucking awesome, like party every single day.  I got blacked out drunk in a parking lot yesterday and woke up today to carry heavy shit in the sun.  Its fun everyone hangs out, even the people who don’t drink.

Me: Who on tour do you people to see other than yourself?

St: I don’t know, a shit ton, tying to think of an unexpected one.  Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, amazing bluegrass shred if     you play guitar, you will see this guy and have your mind blown.

Me: You just re released your major label debut, This Is Happening.  This comes with a second CD and a DVD.  What extras are on it?

St: The CD has nine extra remix tacks as well as the actual stems for you to remix your own on the DVD.  It also contains hours and hours of tour footage.

Me: Have you been getting any cool submissions of remixed songs from those stems.

St: A few and we are about to do a contest for it as well.  We are putting together a site for you to submit them to.

Me: Having PBR as you number one friend of MySpace, is there any future of sponsorship, a PBR world tour?

St: We have talked with them and they can’t do it but told us they would throw us a couple of cases.

Me: That’s still not too bad.

St: Hell yeah!