Is it just me, or were the 90’s awesome? A new music video by Low Fat Getting High

I have never heard of this band before today. I am so glad I have, because like some people I miss the 90’s with a passion. The time was just perfect. Disassociated, disillusioned and mostly dysfunctional, the 90’s were just a great time to be alive. Hell, the things you could get away with that are just impossible now, sorry anyone having to attended high school with the way life is today. Fuuuuuuuuck that. Either way I found this band and they made me think of all that.  It may just be the laziest video in the history of mankind, or most amzing. It’s perfect for that grunged out stoner looking for a good laugh without thinking too hard. Without further ado, “Police Cop”, by Low Fat Getting High.


Low Fat Getting High’s Poor Circulation is out now and available at