Jackass 3D – Review

10 years ago, Johnny Knoxville gave the world Jackass. An American stunt and prank show, originally shown on MTV from 2000 to 2002, featuring people performing various dangerous, crude, ridiculous, and self-injuring stunts and pranks. This was as show that was loved by fans and revolted by critics and was subject of example of the decay and degeneration of society and the young viewers. Is it as bad as they say of is it just another form of entertainment in which political and church groups despise much like video games and music in the 90’s?

This is going to be a different sort of review since there is not a plot or character development to discuss; but the entertainment produced. So here is the general outline; the original cast from the show and the previous two movies are back for more shenanigans — this time in 3D.

What follows is 95 minutes of pure entertainment, like it or not this film is absolutely hilarious. I saw this with my girlfriend and 4 other friends, which I find is the only to watch it. Our showing was sold out and the entire audience laughed every minute along the way. The cast is obviously getting older and are unable to do the high impact stuff anymore, so the pranks and gags are a little more clever this time

Don’t this from the last paragraph that you won’t be shocked by the insanity that ensues, it easily topples the previous films in everyway imaginable. I don’t want to give too much away (even though me telling you what happens does not do it justice) but I would bring a barf bag just in case. This movie contains some of the best gags I’ve seen throughout the entire series, the gauntlet of stun guns and cattle prods is a particular favorite of mine.

I am very skeptical of 3D, ever since Avatar graced the screens; we have had the concept of 3D shoved in our faces. Movies, video games, comic books, deodorant and even my toothpaste are in 3D. So you could imagine my distaste for the idea, but I love being proved wrong. Avatar, Resident Evil: Afterlife and Jackass 3D are actually very impressive pieces of work which utilize the best in recent technology. From the depths of Pandora to the streets of zombie infested Raccoon City to Bam Margera peeing on people. I am impressed.

In the end, this is a piece of entertainment and should be viewed as such. Don’t worry about why this film made $50+ millions it’s opening weekend, just consider this another form of escapism. Within all the Inceptions and deep Oscar worthy pictures, sometimes you need to see a guy get hit in the gonads. To all the people who look at the success of this movie as the utter destruction of our society, shut up. People looked at early video games as a sure sign that our youth was heading straight for the worst, now what? We use video games to train the soldiers that fight for our country.

I’m not saying that soldiers will be trained by getting hit in the balls, but when things get tough we need something to take our mind off of it and allow us to laugh again. I think Jackass 3D serves exactly that purpose.