James Sera, Reality of the Fantasy – CD Review

This is totally a bookstore album! The entirely acoustic Reality of the Fantasy is a compilation of songs to fit a variety of atmospheres, notably a bookstore or coffee house.  Demanding attention but without distraction, this album is a showcase of the talents of James Sera and his time at GIT.

Each song ranging from four it six minutes long is comprised of just James and his acoustic guitar.  The simplicity and intricacy of it all allow for different experiences with each track.  Each person can feel something different from what is performed, each high and low, each note… Each song listed on the album also includes the keys in which each song is played.  Also with each title is a brief thought from James describing what he feels the song is to him. Even the album art has a message in it as you see a lone guitarist sitting on an island with the waves resonating outward and a darkened sky.  The thought put into the album is outstanding and comes across as you submerge yourself deeper into it all.  Not many acoustic albums say quite this much.