Japan’s LAZYgunsBRISKY Releases Their Self Titled 5th Album


LAZYgunsBRISKY is an all-girl hard rock quartet from Tokyo. Comprising members Lucy (vocals), izumi (guitar), azu (bass, vocals), and Moe (drums). The band draws influence from 60s – 80s rock and roll, great songs full of fat guitars and sludgy basses. Often described as an updated Guns N’ Roses and Aerosmith, while some of the older songs possess the brutish simplicity of The Stooges, the band delivers straight ahead rock n roll with a sassy Japanese twist.

LgB’s latest, the self titled “LAZYgunsBRISKY” is their 5th release in a string of sexy and passionate collections of rock, (and their 2nd Good Charamel Records Release).

The band’s newest offering was perhaps best described in this article in the Japanese press that went something like this:

“When LAZYgunsBRISKY first started, they acted like a rebel with their “FUCK YOU”
attitude and looks.

They exposed their attitude to the public, that means they had nothing to hide, they
probably got some scars from it. They chose the way to move forward with their own feet.
All was for their own Rock ‘n’ Roll.

And they finished their new album “LAZYgunsBRISKY”. This is the real deal with
their band name as an album title.

All 11 songs are totally appropriate to be the part of the album titled “LAZYgunsBRISKY”.
This time they included Japanese lyrics for the first time. This is the new challenge by
Lucy, the vocalist. It’s excellent move for the band that strictly wanted to have English

This is the latest LAZYgunsBRISKY that could be used as their business card, made
their thoughts and vision clear with improved spirit, also back to their roots, and exposed
their characters. Of course, it has variation and keeps you excited.

Sensibility of LAZYgunsBRISKY has infinity possibilities. They don’t have to act like
a rebel anymore. Why? It’s clear if you listen to their new album. If you say it how lucy
says it….”Wakaru Daro?” (You see it, right?)

The band faced to music, and created this crystal of Rock ‘n’ Roll.
I want you to feel it.”

***Note– In April of 2012 the members of LAZYgunsBRISKY announced to their labels and fans that they would be disbanding after a series of shows in Japan to explore other musical avenues. We are fortunate to have this amazing (and perhaps their most exciting) collection of songs to remember them by and look forward to enjoying all of their future individual efforts.

See the promotional video for the first single “B.O.Y.” on the Good Charamel You Tube page !!!

[tube video=”jdsFYUaqTCI”]

LAZYgunsBRISKY Track Listing:
01 A-Cha
02 B.O.Y
03 Re-Live
04 Song For Me
06 Q
07 18
08 Here We Go
09 Freak
10 Beat You Out
11 It’s Gonna Be Alright