Jason Yates, Self Titled – CD Review

This whole album seems a bit happy go lucky… not all the lyrics agree with the tempo, but you get that feel. It is the type of music that will try to perk you up no matter your mood. This self-titled release has nine offerings for you to try and do so… it is a very easy listen. Many of the lyrics are effortlessly captured in your thoughts as you go.

Just about every track has an appeal to it. I can’t think of one that I really needed to skip over as I listened through each time. “My Way Out” certainly does stand out as the single with its strong entrance to the song and the album itself. It really is a good representation of the album as a whole and draws you in quite nicely all the way to the closer, “Sing for You” which leads you out slowly, winding you down to a mellow end.

Also released on vinyl, this would definitely be a great album to check out for those nights at home while you clean, hang out or just relax alone.