Jets Overhead, No Nations – CD Review

With their studio album debut three years in the past now, it was time that these five Canadians came up with a new album. No Nations is the result. It is a rhythmic mix of moody and elemental styles of rock, somewhat reminiscent of the Wallflowers with a softer edge. The Jayhawks almost fit in as a similar feeling band as well.

The album has an impassioned beginning with “I Should Be Born”. The album mixes female and male vocals throughout making for an interesting dynamic, however they do not quite use them in a duet format: never do they insist in male and female roles specifically.

” While no song exactly stands out to me as a true single, there are many that are quite memorable… I can listen easily to this album in its entirety. Several tracks do stand out, especially to note: “It’s a Funny Thing”, “Heading for Nowhere” and of course “No Nations”.

I imagine them to be an outstanding live band, even though while listening to this recorded disc it all too easily becomes background noise, as unfortunate as that is. I do appreciate their laid back nature, researching them as a band was quite fascinating and I have quite a respect for their ability to just appreciate what comes. I see positive things for them in the future.