Kate Miller-Heidke: Curiouser

This Australian singer songwriter sounds like a blend between Cyndi Lauper, Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga. The cover of her album makes her look like a Lady Gaga rip-off, but her music tells a different story. Her ballad ‘The Last Day On Earth’ is a beautiful song that sucks you in and makes you feel what she feels as she sings these haunting lyrics. The rest of this CD has a terrific beat that makes you want to dance, or at least tap your feet. It is a very fun album, more for the girls than for the guys though. Songs like ‘The One Thing I Know’ and ‘Can’t Shake It’ make this CD a must have, but then songs like ‘I Like You Better When You’re Not Around’ make you question this girls sanity. The lyrics to the latter song are kind of annoying and although the beat ranges on interesting it really is just a song you will probably want to skip. For the most part the twelve songs on this CD are at least worth a listen, pick and chose the ones you like and do not like, giving the aforementioned song #6 your own listen and opinion!

Just a note, the comparison to Gwen Stefani is only in context to Miss Miller-Heidke’s vocal range and light tone.