Kemical, Deathbed- CD Review

Kemical, Deathbed

This is an important review to me. Let me start out by saying that this is an unbiased review. Why is that important? Because this CD contains the music of my nephew, Aaron Drouillard, a.k.a. Kemical. After hearing a couple of his songs on youtube I offered to do a review of his album when it was ready, and it’s ready! You can also listen on youtube, Kemicalfuzion. You can also find him on Facebook at I now want to add that I am not a big fan of rap music. I listened to N.W.A. and Snoop Dogg when I was younger. The only current rap I listen to is Eminem.

The first thing that stood out to me when I received Deathbed in the mail was the cover. It’s simple, black with some green, a picture of the artist on the cover. More than that, I was intrigued by the back of the album. Kemical has split this album into 3 “chapters.” This isn’t a new concept, but I like it nonetheless. I am sure that has something to do with the fact that I am a writer and published book author. The chapters are “looking Grim,” “What Don’t Kill Ya,” and “Letting Go.” The first chapter is really an introduction to the artist and his music. The second chapter is more of an upbeat chapter with party music. The third chapter, which is my favorite, is the deeper chapter that really gets you thinking.

Kemical really blends the rock sound in with his music, but only enough to add to the rap, not take away from it. This isn’t some Kid Rock rap rock, this is real rap. 90% of the songs on this album made me think of Eminem, in fact, Kemical’s voice when rapping is very reminiscent of Eminem’s sound. I think that is what drew me in when I first checked out “Last Letter” on youtube, which is my favorite song on this album. “This is the last goodbye.” But, that isn’t my only favorite song on this album, there’s another one too. I am allowed more than one favorite, right? The other is “Burn It Black,” and, of course, both of these songs are found in chapter 3.

Other songs of note on Deathbed are “Ready To Rock,” “F’d Up,” and the title track, “Deathbed.” “Ready To Rock” and “F’d Up” are in the party chapter. “Ready To Rock” is a super catchy rap song that will be stuck in your head for days. “F’d Up” had a sound very reminiscent to some old school Snoop Dogg, which is why I loved it. “Deathbed,” the final song on the disc, makes for a touching finish to this clever album. Because it is laid out in a book form, it makes sense that the album plays like a story. I really enjoyed the introduction Kemical did for each chapter. The hospital sounds in the background give it ambience.

The only songs I was super thrilled with were “Kemical” and “Grim I Am,” the first two tracks on the album. And, I only skipped them because I got tired of the same lines being repeated over and over. But, that is a general lyrical pathway that much rap follows. That being said, that just goes to show that I am not a huge rap fan. This is an awesome album that any fan of rap would be proud to own. It is more than just catchy lyrics that rhyme. It is more than just drugs, guns and gangs. There is feeling, love and heart within. I also highly recommend this album to Eminem fans, I think they will find it a great listen too.

Kemical had some guest stars on Deathbed; Kaidan, Phillsmooth, Fat King and Macob (of BSP), and Delusional. Their assistance only adds to the phenomenal sound within. Enjoy!