Kidrobot Releases City Cryptid Dunny Art Figures

Today Kidrobot released more neat stuff, so for this week’s blog about things I want to buy, here it is: City Cryptid Dunny Art Figures. Actually, it is primarily one figure I  want, Tara McPherson’s Loch Ness Monster. It is wonderful on its own, however, Tara McPherson is one of my most favorite artists. She is so wonderful and talented, plus I had the opportunity to meet her at a Comic Con. She was sweet and her family is just adorable. It is so wonderful and rare to actually meet an artist you admire this much, especially since one of my other favorites is Albrecht Durer, and he has been dead for centuries. That makes meeting a bit more difficult. I first discovered her art in a Kidrobot series of her figures. I was just drawn to their colors and styles. From there, I researched her other works and was just instantly in love. Plus the fact that she primarily paints in oils and that is definitely not an easy thing to do. Plus she just has such vibrant colors and … I am fangirling here, it is just going to be a lot of repeating. So I will get on with it.

This very cool new series of Dunny Art Figures has a lot of cool artists involved. I love that Kidrobot does that; having multiple artists create their own unique spin on the theme of these mythological (or not!) monsters. It is a good way to find new artists to love, seeing their art come to life in a 3D, 3-inch vinyl figure. Plus, since these are all packaged as blind boxes, you never know what you are going to get… that is, unless you go on eBay and look for listings of the specific figures you like. I already did that to look and one of the rare chase figures that they don’t picture is a variant of the Loch Ness Monster. I want it, but I don’t know what is cheaper, spending $119 on eBay or buying by the box on Kidrobot and taking my chances. I am thinking the first option, although the second option would be a lot more fun. Who doesn’t love a mystery?

Below is what they write about it on their website.

Kidrobot is excited to release the new multi-artist City Cryptid Dunny Art Figure Series curated by Disney designer and award-winning artist, Scott Tolleson.  This collectible vinyl art figure series features Dunny designs by an all-star cast of groundbreaking artists including Greg “Craola” SimkinsChris RyniakAlex PardeeCharlie ImmerAmanda Louise SpaydChris LeeCandie BoltonSkinnerTara McPherson, and Scott Tolleson.

“I’ve always been a fan of the “unexplained”. Aliens, spirits, other dimensions, cryptozoic, etc. While brainstorming about the series, I felt like just being a cryptozoic Dunny series wasn’t enough. It needed spin to make it unique.

The one funny thing about all cryptids is that they are always hiding. Typically, when people claim to see them it’s in the woods, in the dark and while nobody else is around. Well, what if they came out of hiding because it was just too darn hard to hide anymore? Move to the city and the working class. Make some dough and live large! Well known cryptids such as Bigfoot, Nessie and Chupacabra join some lesser known ones like J’ba Fofi and Ahool!

In selecting the artists for this series I wanted to invite a diverse group of in terms of style, background, age, gender, following, etc. I did my best to collaborate in a way that would give each artist their freedom to create a unique design but also worked when added to the group aesthetic. I’m very proud to be a part of this collaboration and I can’t wait to share it with the world!”

– Scott Tolleson

Each of these 3-inch tall Dunny Art Figures comes foil bagged and blind boxed to preserve the rarity and collectibility of each piece. Even we don’t know what is in each box. Chase down and find all 16 cryptids and earn the key to their city!


  • Sasquatch by Skinner – 3/24
  • Kappa by Scott Tolleson – 2/24
  • Chupacabra by Alex Pardee – 2/24
  • Wendigo by Scott Tolleson – 2/24
  • Bunyip by Crayola – 2/24
  • Ahool by Chris Lee – 2/24
  • Jersey Devil by Chris Lee – 2/24
  • Mothman by Chris Ryniak – 2/24
  • Loch Ness Monster by Tara McPherson – 2/24
  • ? – ??/??
  • J’Ba Fofi by Crayola – 1/24 (Somewhat Rare)
  • Ningen by Charlie Immer – 1/24 (Somewhat Rare)
  • Kitsune by Candie Bolton – 1/24 (Somewhat Rare)
  • Flatwoods Monster by Amanda Louise Spayd – 1/48 (Extremely Rare)
  • ? – ??/?? (Extremely Super Rare Chase Piece)
  • ? – ??/?? (Extremely Super Rare Chase Piece)

City Cryptid Multi-artist Dunny Art Figure Series by Kidrobot