2011 Metropolis Records

Let us say that I have a new workout CD. The only band, that I’m aware of, that fits their name into at least one song on each album returns, KMFDM.

From the get go, WTF?! has that rhythmic industrial beat that KMFDM is known for. The opening track, “Krank”, has this wonderful build up from a nice quiet beat to an in your face thumping. As the album progresses, the industrial pounding continues as the band rips through tracks such as, “Rebels in Kontrol”, “Lynchmob” and “Spectre”.
However, at one point in the album, the music takes a slight break from the hardcore and softens a little, very little yet it is enough to slow the pace of the over-all album. While this might work for standard rock bands, it is somewhat distracting from what had been building, especially for a band know as Industrial band.
KMFDM comes back with a roar and finishes off the album much the same way it had began, in your face industrial beats.

KMFDM delivers with WTF?! Fans will not be disappointed.