Koziol A-pril Doorstop Product Review

Product Name: A-pril Doorstop

Manufacturer: Koziol (Germany)

Product Description: Let flowers bloom. Doorstop A-pril reliably keeps doors open and safe, working on different floors. The slip-resistant material is gentle to sensitive surfaces.

Options: Translucent Orange, Blue, Red

Price: 8,95 €

Comments: This is the first of many different Koziol products you will find in this section from month to month. I am quite taken with the uniqeness of their products as well as the level of quality they offer, ever since I first became aware of them many years ago. This particular item I wanted to include because it is part of a series. There are a variety of A-pril products out there to choose from, primarily for the kitchen, such as sponge holders, stir sticks, soap holders, and so on.

The only thing I must warn against in becoming interested in such products, is their availability. Being a German-made product, in the States we only see a fraction of what this company actually creates. Even in the online world it can be difficult to find their whole catalog. Good luck. There is no greater joy than translucent plastic household novelties.