Lecherous Gaze, Self Titled EP – CD Review

This four song EP was an instant reminder of all those local punk bands I used to go see at the clubs around town.  The production quality of the actual album is a little iffy with the music often being louder than the vocals.  The vocals themselves feel a bit forced like maybe they could not find an actual good singer so they just went with their buddy who had the balls to get up and front them on stage.  There are a few good moments for him, but they are greatly shadowed by all the forced moments.  It reminds you of a metal/punk mixture that didn’t quite work.  The music screams metal.  The details of the guitar solos and the drums are classic earmarks of an Average Joe Metal Band.  The whining screams of the guitar as an intro to the drums picking up almost feels quality, but they also seem like an obvious ploy to cover up the bad with the good.  But people will notice.  You can’t hide your failings with a few fancy guitar riffs.
The songs on a whole are okay.  You have your energy, your climax and your melodic moans of something meaningful; I bet they are a great live band.  The last track “R ‘n’ R Lust” really shows the extent of their talent which they do seem to have as individuals; unfortunately on this simple little EP they really come across as nothing special.  They have started to polish themselves up, they have a decently full sound, but a key element is still missing: originality.  They are just nothing special to me, but they are far better than a lot of local metal bands that try to give it a go.  They have something, they just need more.  A lot more.