DVD Series Review: Lights Camera Dead

A horror movie about some people making a horror movie? So, I thought,
why not give it a chance. MVD Entertainment Group (www.mvdb2b.com)
always has a great selection of gory B-rated horror flicks that are
sure to gross out anyone. Well, this one is gross, for sure… in many

Filmed like a bad porno flick, because on a low budget it was supposed
to look real. Even one of the actors “trying” out for “The Music Box”,
which is the film inside the film, thinks he is trying out for a
porno. Funny, not. This is the new thing you know, trying to make
fiction look like reality. ‘Cloverfield’ did it, and so did
‘Paranormal Activity’. Of course they all copied off of the ‘Blair
Witch Project.’

I don’t really buy the acting in this movie, but then I think maybe
that was the point too. If you can manage to get through the fake
auditions at the beginning you just may make it into some good old
blood and gore. So, the film makers lose their cast and crew, but the
show must go on… oh, and there will be blood, for sure!

If you like bad horror flicks then ‘Lights Camera Dead’ is a film made
just for you. If you don’t mind losing a few brain cells then you may
like this movie too. Me, I think I wish I could get my last couple
hours back. An interesting, if not at all original, idea… but it
falls flat, into a pool of blood and goo.