Lynch Mob, Smoke and Mirrors, 2009 Frontier Records

In the late 1980’s George Lynch broke from Dokken to form the Lynch Mob. While he never saw wide spread success, he did manage to produce two very good albums.
In 2009, the Lynch Mob was re-born.

This is an older and wiser George Lynch and the music is the proof. Yes, there is still plenty of rock left in the guitarist, but there is something different in Smoke and Mirrors. The music seems more relaxed, more thought out. Sure, tracks like “The Fascist” and “21st Century Man” rock but not the same way as, say, “Wicked Sensation”. There is a deeper meaning behind the music. You find yourself singing and head bobbing while receiving food for thought.

Over all this is a good rock n’ roll album. It’s different than earlier work but not too different. In a time when classic artists like to experiment and alienate fans, the Lynch Mob embraces the past and yet remains relevant. Thumbs up.