Mama: Movie Review

I watched ‘Mama’ last night. I hadn’t realized Jaime Lannister was in it. I guess if I’d of had any idea of the actors real name I may have. Not written by, but co-produced by, Guillermo del Toro, a name that most times screams “AWESOME” to me…. and the voice was correct.



The last del Toro film I watched, written by him, was Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark… and I wasn’t impressed. I loved Pan’s Labyrinth. I just love horror and sci-fi.

Back to ‘Mama‘:

I really loved this movie. Just the right amount of story and just the right amount of scary. Not too much gore, in fact it was minimal. Great acting. I loved the little girls. I loved the end (mind you, for once I didn’t cry).

If you like scary movies and want a good old ghost story that’s not all blood and guts I recommend you see this film.