Masha Qrella Announces First New Album in Seven Years


Berlin-based songwriter Masha Qrella has announced the release of her long-awaited Analogies album, out on June 5th with Morr Music. Her first original studio material since 2005, Qrella has offered the first single “Crooked Dreams” for free mp3 download from her forthcoming album. A founding member of Berlin-based bands Mina and Contriva, Qrella first stepped out as a singer/songwriter in her own right with the release of her first solo album Luck. After two more full-lengths, Unsolved Remained and Speak Low, a collection of beautifully-rendered Kurt Weill and Frederick Loewe cover songs released in 2009, the latest Analogies LP truly marks a high point in her career.

Analogies is essentially her take on pop music, sitting perfectly between folk, indie rock, and all the huge radio anthems from decades past. The confidence, the virtuosity of composition at work in these songs, their post-rock leanings, shimmering folk layers and hymnal pop gestures, are the result of actual experience, years and years dedicated to actually playing and breathing music. The LP was recorded in a tiny studio in Berlin-Pankow, and echoes Qrella’s musical forebears and soulmates scattered all over the history of pop: Starting with her own past and a certain proximity to Stereolab’s experimental library music, one can easily move on to The Cure’s mainstream melancholy or even to the all-embracing sonic albatross wings of a band like Fleetwood Mac. Imagine Stevie Nicks, Robert Smith and Laetitia Sadier randomly meeting on a walk, somewhere in beautifully quiet Berlin-Pankow or hanging out on a bench in Bürgerpark. Qrella’s music invokes a sort of timeless beauty that’s difficult to pinpoint, but inspires such images. Ever since the Berlin party heydays of the early nineties, Qrella has been part of the city’s musical avant-garde; yet at the same time she has kept an eye on that one thing which has always been the very core and heart of pop music: the song itself, and Analogies has become the perfect canvas to bring it to life.

Analogies Tracklisting

1. Take Me Out
2. Hawaii
3. Crooked Dreams
4. Fishing Buddies
5. Last Dance
6. One Step
7. Take Your Time
8. Call My Name
9. Bluebottle
10. Fishing Buddies (Brokeback Version)

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