Megadeth, Endgame – CD Review

For all of you young aspiring metal bands, have no fear. Dave Mustaine has produced the blue print to the perfect metal CD. For all of the metal bands that have been around for a while, stop what you are doing and pay attention.

Megadeth is back with a vengeance, producing what can arguably be the best album in the bands history, well, Dave Mustaine’s history. With a new line-up, Dave has hit the jackpot. End Game is fast, aggressive, angry, and very technical. End Game is the metal equivalent of a Dream Theater album in the technicality of the playing. Megadeth has always been known as a technicality aggressive band but this time around there is something extra.

End Game begins with an instrumental. This is just a tease of what is to come. It’s the equivalent of the shock wave of a nuclear explosion knocking you back 20 feet and to the ground. This is followed up by tracks like: “This Day We Fight”, “Bite the Hand”, “Bodies” and the title track, “End Game”. Then comes the piano and acoustic guitar of “The Hardest Part of Letting Go….Sealed With a Kiss”. Dave is still able to make this sound heavy but delicate. This brings us to the explosive lead off track, “Head Crusher”. This is a very descriptive title because it is what happens if you stick your head between two speakers while playing the song at max volume.

If there is one flaw to this album it is that it’s too short. I find myself coming to the end and wanting more. This just means that the CD has been playing over and over again in my car.

So, what does this all mean? What conclusions can we come to? What lessons can we bring away from all of this? Well, if I may, Dave Mustaine is the best at what he does. No other metal band can come close to what Megadeth has produced and, finally, young bands should study End Game. Somewhere in the future, I am positive that music schools will have a class called “Megadeth 401: The art of Dave Mustaine”. Oh, and if you haven’t figured it out yet, I would advise you to go buy End Game.