Megadeth: THIRTEEN

2011 Roadrunner Records

THIRTEEN marks the recording return of original bassist, David Ellefson, and from the get go it’s quite a thunderous return.
Once again, Dave Mustaine demonstrates why he is at the top of the game. The lead off track, “Public Enemy NO.1” has a video that stars monkeys dressed up as a sheriff and a gangster monkey drinking and playing cards. Did I mention it’s a rocking song?
I think my favorite song is “We the People”. It has a powerful message behind it with lyrics such as,
“Violate your rights, no more equality. Surrender freedom, your social security. We the people face unconstitutional lies. In greed we trust, in revolution we die.”
Dave has always been able to write great lyrics with a very poignant meaning (“Peace Sells…”) and it is no different on THIRTEEN.

From “Sudden Death” to “13”, THIRTEEN is just chock full of great metal. Dave Mustaine is in great form and with his running partner, David Ellefson, back in the band the new line-up, also featuring Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover, is complete. Megadeth promises to continue its march to the forefront of heavy/thrash metal.