Megadeth, Rust In Peace Live, 2010 SHOUT Factory

Ok metal heads, your dream come true has arrived! Megadeth, in support of their American Carnage tour has released the final say in live DVD/Blu-Ray/CD. “Rust in Peace Live” captures one of the Four Horse Men, one of the founders of thrash metal, reproducing one of the greatest albums in metal LIVE.

This set includes Rust in Peace in its entirety, front to back. That’s right, the band plays every song on that break through album and then some.

Shot at the Hollywood Palladium, “Rust in Peace Live” features the return of original bassist, Dave Ellefson and features the band, not in decline but in a steady wave of momentum meant to keep Megadeth at the forefront of heavy metal.

The DVD/Blu-ray is shot in 5.1 Dolby Surround and 16:9 widescreen. (DVD) and 5.1 Master Audio 1080p (Blu-ray). Special features include behind the scenes of the band back stage warming up. There are also additional live tracks.
The CD counter part is all that minus the special features. Together this is a great package for Magadeth and metal fans.

So sit back and enjoy a little piece of metal history, Megadeth: Rust in Piece Live.