Mike Park’s Smile-CD Review

Mike Park's Smile

Ever see a 16 year old bounce around the house like a frog, acting like a 5 year old? I have, and it was all due to Mile Park’s Smile. This children’s CD isn’t just for little children. It’s fun, funky and full of music to get you moving. I’d even recommend it as a workout album for adults, because when you are listening to it you just can’t help but move yourself, all of yourself.

Mike Park has been in music for years, playing punk and ska type songs that anyone who loves that genre would listen to. He was a fan of bands like Black Flag and Minor Threat. Then he had a child and was inspired to turn his love of music into something his child would love too. And here is this album full of fun songs like “Wiggly Wiggly Worm,” “Little Green Frog,” “Everybody Loves To Jump,” and “We All Live At Animal Park.” These are some of the songs I like the most, but my favorite was definitely “When The Light Turns Red You Stop.” In all, there are 12-songs on this album. They are not only fun and easy to move too, but they are also educational.

EVERYONE should get this album for the children. NOW! mikeparkmusic.com