Miss Pussykatt Brings the Joy of Circus Performing to Grand Rapids

Cassie Truskowski (AKA Miss Pussykatt) got started in the business of circus performance about ten years ago. She is multi-talented; doing burlesque, angle grinding, aerial acrobatics, fire tricks and more. Truskowski works hard to keep her act new, give her fans a great show and to grow as a person AND a performer.

Truskowski not only performs as a circus professional, but she also teaches others how to be just as creative and talented as she is. Along with being a teacher she is also an entrepreneur, running her own circus company. She travels the world when she can, doing what she loves and she has even been on national television.

Truskowski recently began teaching her second session of circus classes, held at ‘For The Kidz’ gym located at 5960 Burlingame Ave. in Wyoming, MI. She runs both a class for adults and a class for children. She teaches a combination of aerial, hula hooping, poi, trampoline and more, although the focus is mainly on the aerial acrobatics. Sessions are a half hour long and Truskowski notes “drop-ins are available for people who want to try it out instead of committing to the entire session.” She also adds that this is a great way to get exercise and have fun doing it. At the end of the training session a show is put on for friends and family to see what the students have learned. Truskowski’s goal is to actually open up her own facility in the near future where she can host her classes.

Although her name first got out there as the fire-breathing hellcat Miss Pussykatt, the leader of the Devil Dolls who put on blood and gore acts at local rock shows, she has come a long way since then. She now runs her own business, The DareDevil Circus Company, and the Devil Dolls are now the DareDevil Dolls. Same great acts, but so much more. When asked about the expansion from metal to more mainstream Truskowski commented that “just like anybody, you grow up, you change, you evolve.” She also adds, “we still do rock shows, it’s kind of where my heart lays. I love the edgy shows, but I also like doing festivals.”

Truskowski made a brief stint on America’s Got Talent, a show featuring Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff as two of their three judges. She says she “had a really good experience” and was happy to find that she was well liked. Locally, she also works with ‘Super Happy Funtime Burlesque’ who put on fun shows all over Michigan, every chance she gets. She was even part of this year’s first annual ArtPrize competition in Grand Rapids, where she did performance art in front of the B.O.B.

Talent and drive make this woman a great role model to young girls and women alike. She says “it’s just being who you are and I love the circus.” Her biggest messages to anyone out there looking to be something different are to be yourself and to always give back. She dedicates time to causes that deal with dogs, like Pinups For Pitbulls and others. She says she likes to do “whatever I can do to help the pups, I love it!”

About the near future Truskowski says “I might be focusing on Christmas shows this year.” She is looking into church Christmas Pageants where they like to be the aerial angels. She also spends time training in the winter months and working on new material for the upcoming year: “you’re constantly having to up your skill level, with what I do there’s always somebody out there that’s better than you so you have to stay marketable and to get hired; you have to be on top of things, which means you have to work.”

Truskowski adds that, “I have been really blessed with being surrounded by really awesome people that want to help out and promote and do interviews with me, it’s great to have that and that’s why I constantly try to put back out there.”

For more information on Cassie, her circus classes or circus company, email her at daredevilcircus@yahoo.com.