MOLD: A DVD Review, Of Sorts


So, today in the mail box from MVD I received my review copy of the movie “MOLD.” What made me want to watch this interesting flick was the fact that over 1/2 the places my husband and I have lived in the past 6 years have been infested with mold. Plain mold, black mold… indestructible mold, it seems some times.

The place we are living right now has black mold. We clean it, it comes back. It’s in the walls. We’re here for a year. So far it has been my worst allergy season ever, since it is being aggravated by this mold infestation. My left ear has been plugged for a month, my right plugs on and off. Not a day goes by that I am not sneezing or itching my eyeballs out of my head. Started the day we moved in, and likely won’t stop till we move out… but at least it isn’t eating my flesh!

The mold in “MOLD” has a desire for flesh. It’s a biologically engineered, fast growing mold, that grows out of control, killing everyone in it’s path. Who will survive the mold? Who will defeat it? CAN it be defeated? Watch and find out.

MOLD” is 86 minutes of moldy gore and laughs!