Morgan Bracy, The End of Cinderella – CD Review

Morgan Bracy "The End of Cinderella"

The Cover – As if the title of this album itself doesn’t scream fairytale, the cover art portrays it beautifully. It’s a simple, yet beautifully intriguing cover.

The Music – If the cover can be described as beautiful, then Morgan Bracy’s music can be described as nothing less than dreamy and fantastical. A fun folk and country music edge- Morgan Bracy has a knack for telling stories with her wonderfully smoky and mesmerizing voice.

My Honest Opinion – I absolutely can not pick a favorite song on this album. This is the perfect grouping of songs for any girl or woman who has fantastical dreams, hopes and wishes. It’s beautiful and intriguing. It’s nothing less than inspiring. It’s more than just a country album, it is a fairytale.