International Rock Sensations The Morning Episodes Unveil Their Music To U.S.

Hailing from the Philippines, The Morning Episodes are a breath of fresh air in the alternative pop-rock scene. Their international debut album, Never Felt So Alive, is a free-spirited collection, both lyrically and instrumentally, that is filled with a wide spectrum of emotions that make for an exotic, yet instantly embraceable sound. Having won over their native island of the Philippines for the past 5 years, accumulating four full-length releases with MCA Universal and chart-topping singles, the band is now ready to take their sound international.

The quartet first met when frontman Miguel Roman L. Escueta’s solo project got signed on to MCA Music Inc. in 2006. After four releases with MCA and hundreds of shows, the  contract was up in 2010. While independently producing/recording Never Felt So Alive, the band decided to change their name from the solo Miguel moniker to The Morning Episodes to make themselves more accessible to international audiences. Towards the end of recording Alive, the band got signed by Grammy-nominated producer Christian “Davis” Stallnecker to his LA based recording label, Sly Doggie Productions.

morningepisodes2_400As proof of their crossover potential, songs from Never Felt So Alive have been featured in the U.S. market on the long-running CBS daytime drama The Young & The Restless. Since their inception, the band’s main goal has always been to make music that truly encapsulates who they are, and where they’re from. By self-producing, with limited budget and no time constraints,  The Morning Episodes have created a timeless album that is sure to quickly capture American hearts.