Motorhead: Gods of Sound

Orbit Room, Grand Rapids, MI 2011

“Who would win in a wrestling match Lemmy or God?”  from the motion picture Airheads

It would only go to figure that the one time I needed my camera it didn’t work.  So began my night.

The temperature was low outside but the near capacity crowd inside made sure that the chill quickly wore off.

Now, to be honest, I had little hope for the opening acts.  Very rarely have opening bands impressed me.

Valient Thorr was well on their way to being very unimpressive.  I can remember thinking two things.  First was, “When will the first song be over” and second “When did they clone Zakk Wylde?”.  I’m not kidding.  Outside of the bass player, everyone in the band looked like mountain men, a.k.a  Zakk Wylde.

The band’s energy on stage slowly grabbed my attention.  They may not have been the best band ever or as talented as others but their energy was infectious.  They believed in the music and that belief slowly wore off on me.

Clutch took the stage next.  This is a jam band, not a live band.  What electricity I had felt growing in me during the first set began to dissipate as the, for lack of a better word, droning music of Clutch filled the room.  This is not saying that substandard musicians populate the band.  Indeed, Clutch is very talented.  It’s just that there is no energy in the music or stage show.  In one word, I was bored.

Motorhead took the stage last.  Now, I have talked a lot about energy and what Motorhead lacked in on stage energy they more than made up for with the music and, dare I say, volume.  It was so loud that I was hearing nothing but “Ace of Spades” for the next 2 days.

For me, watching Mickkey Dee on drums was one of the most amazing sights.  He is a monster back there.  Another high light came when Grand Rapids own Cassie Truskowski (Daredevil Dolls) took the stage, performing her fire-breathing act during “Killed by Death”.

When all was said and done, the wall of sound known as Motorhead came, conquered and left Grand Rapids in ruins.  Now that’s what I call a concert!