Movie Review: Clean Break

J.D. Strickland, author It won the Director’s Choice Award at this years Thriller! Chiller! Festival in Grand Rapids. It’s star, a skeleton named J.D. Strickland, has his own FaceBook page. This black and white film was made by some Grand Rapids folks at Collective Studios. It is clever. You will feel for J.D. and maybe even fall in love with his determination to keep his book the way he wants it to be.

Ever wanted to reinvent yourself? J.D. was the writer of some great selling books, with a skeleton in them, but now he wants to try something different. His publisher is not going for it. J.D. has a seven year contract and if he isn’t willing to submit to his publishers wants and needs they plan to replace him with a ghost writer, he’s stuck, he can’t even go to another publisher. What’s a skeleton to do?

Directed by local film nut Ryan Lieske, ‘Clean Break’ is a beautifully artistic effort that

deserves the praise it has been getting. Jacob de la Rosa and Lieske wrote the original screenplay. It just shows how much talent is coming from the big city of Grand Rapids. If someone can make a story about a skeleton that writes books and actually

make you feel for said skeleton then they really have some tricks up their sleeves.

This movie is truly a winner in my book. I have already watched it twice and can’t wait to share it with other people. Being a book author myself I find myself really relating to the main character. And at the end when J.D. is finally able to reinvent

himself it puts a huge smile on my face. Though the creepy corpse writer kind of grossed me out. And the only flaws I could see in the entire film were the strings used for J.D., but then again, I love Ed Wood’s films too!