My Chemical Romance & The Architects at the Orbit Room 04.16.11

I arrived fashionably late to the Orbit Room due to the vast amount of people waiting in line and the openers were not widely publicized so it was hard to prepare for them entirely. I arrived just in time to experience a semi-familiar band to me: The Architects. I was immediately intrigued by this band; even going so far as to purchase their record from the merch booth during their set.  As much as it can be appreciated that bands still release vinyl, it is quite difficult to manage at a concert… it doesn’t quite fit in a normal purse or other bag, but the price was right.  The Architects played a memorable set, suited to preparing the audience for the main event.

The sold out venue was a warm one.  People packed tightly from wall to wall with discarded layers of clothing lining the edges of the room and sweaty, lethargic girls being freed from the excited crowd one by one.  It was interesting to see the great difference of people within the crowd. Young and old.  Goths and frat boys. Punks and metalheads.  It was a melting pot of fans all there for presumably the same reason: My Chemical Romance.  It was a solid mix of male and female too, not just guys that look like their girlfriends dragged them to a show. With such a diverse following, it is no wonder the show sold out as quickly as it did.

The show itself was incredible… once I got away from the stage.  The music was so overpowering up front but once to the back of the venue, the sound quality improved and it was easier to hear just what Gerard Way was trying to convey.  They played a mix of new and old, leaving out only a few of the classics.  There are many songs I wish they had played but they satisfied with what they did perform.  The final song was a drawn out medley, featuring “Helena”.  The boys came back out for a two-song finale including “Cancer” and “Bulletproof Heart”, both done so very well.  They even included “Mama” in the earlier part of the set, which is another favorite of mine.  They made sure to please the die hards as well as the radio fans; though whether you knew the songs or not the show itself was well worth watching.  A simple stage setup but plenty of lights and energy, and good lighting at that! No obnoxious strobes or an overwhelming amount of intense red lighting to burn the retinas.  My Chemical Romance made it far too easy to stay for the duration, despite the rising temperatures inside the venue.  If you ever had a curiosity about seeing them live, you should absolutely act on it.