My Own Private Flashback: The Nastys

Shameless Self PromotionThere’s this great band from Chicago called The Lat Vegas. They are a little glam, and a whole lot rock. But before they came into the world of dirty rock music, there was The Nastys. Danny Smash and Chad Cherry of The Last Vegas were in The Nastys together. Chad and Danny were my favorite band members, so I chose to just mention them… lol.

Chad has a great Etsy shop full of killer sweet clothes in the style of Chad Cherry, and he currently has some of the old Shameless Self Promotion demo CDs for sale. So I bought one. Not sure what ever happened to the one I had back in the day. The other day I spent some time jamming out to the four awesome songs on this disc; Cheery Bomb, Blow My Mind, Baby’s Gotta Go, and Dig on In, My favorite is Blow My Mind.the nastys

This little demo disc is short, but sweet. You’ll find yourself wanting to listen to it over and over again. Nothing puts a little pep in your day better than some kick ass Grand Rapids glam rock!