Mystic Mill presents….420 The Party Goes On Friday April 22 2011@ The Intersection Grand Rapids

Calling all Mystic Militia! After all is said and done with 420 this year your mind will probably be blown away with the festivities. But, is that enough? Have you melted away the cocoon of winter placed upon you by Michigan’s Siberian like temps? No, and that’s why you need the pure satisfaction of this event. Mystic Mill is presenting a chance to blow your whole face away and fill your ear wholes full of amazing music. This Friday the 22nd of April at 7pm, The Intersection.

Sin Theroem will be headlining this multi genre music event with special guests Mine Enimies Fall, Six Prong Paw, Genocya, Mouth Sewn Shut, and Cory from La Familia new  project Convotronic. Also including five, yes FIVE different MC’s as well as two live paintings from Eaux (Mystic Mill) and Andy Holmes. Mystic Mill is also going to be raffling off the paintings and six Mystic Cyclone pieces at the show. If you haven’t seen these custom made ATX pieces , you do not know what kind of class you could be stepping up to.

This truly a multi level genre show, with Cory slated to do work with some of the other bands this show is set to bring the ying and yang together for YOUR enjoyment. If you do not know these bands you have really been living in a cave.  So , welcome to the world of Grand Rapids live music, it’s great and you can save 15% on your car insurance by switching to the gecko (covering all bases).  So we have Sin Theroem, a force in Michigan metal. Mine Enemies Fall, another metal band out of the Kalamazoo area. Eastown’s own Convotronics (great live show). Mouth Sewn Shut, a hardcore punk band out of Boston. Hardcore punk, metal and Hip Hop? Yeah, like I said levels…….being covered. Last but by no means least, Genocya a brutal metal band from Lansing.

All of this coming together to bring you flavors, flavors to take you to the edge, past and back. This is also Mystic Mike’s 45th birthday so come show him some love. If you are familiar with the Mill, they have been doing it since they opened. Tickets are 5.00$ pre sale available with the bands or at the Mystic Mill (1436 Wealthy st. se, Eastown, Grand Rapids, MI open 12pm- 9pm Mon- Sat). Tickets day of show are 7.00$ and available at the door. Again this is THIS Saturday at The Intersection in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Doors are at 7pm.