Neon Angel: A Memoir of a Runaway

Neon Angel A Memoir of a Runaway
Cherie Currie w/Tony O’Neill
Foreword by Joan Jett
2010 HarperCollins

Cherie Currie was the lead singer for the Runaways, the band that launched Joan Jett and Lita Ford. She is the original “Cherry Bomb”. Neon Angel is about her life before, during and after the Runaways.
The book begins back in the 70’s. Cherie recounts her fascination with David Bowie and the chance encounter with, a then, teenage Joan Jett and producer Kim Fowley. The rise of the Runaways and the internal fighting, mainly between Lita and Cherie.
She has no qualms about recounting her decent into drug use and some of the consequences. She recounts one night, outside a local club, when someone she thought she knew through a drug contact, picked her up and the brutal attack that came from that encounter.
She talks about her broken relationship with her twin sister, caused by the substance abuse and the reconciliation that took years.
Neon Angel is about a teen star, her rise and fall. It is about Cherie Currie’s fight to get her life back.
This is the book that spawned the movie, “The Runaways”. As with all novel adaptations, the movie only scratches the surface. Do yourself a favor, pick up Neon Angel it is worth the read.