New Doctor Who Companion Chosen

from imdb.comIt was announced today by Steven Moffat that the new companion to the Doctor will be 20 something Jenna-Louise Coleman. Her acting credits are relatively modest… and I feel like I have seen her somewhere else before.  Maybe she just has that sort of face.  She looks friendly but as though, with many companions of the past, has a fiery side. With most details as yet unknown about how she will make her debut on the show later this year and how Amy and Rory will depart, all one can do is speculate.  For some reason when I see her photos, I can imagine her very well in the part of companion.

With previous credits including a voice acting gig for Xenoblade Chronicles (video game) and Captain America: The First Avenger, her first and longest role has been that of Jasmine on Emmerdale, a long running British Soap.  Until recently she has been a relative unknown to American audiences so we may have the best luck in adjusting to this new player in the Doctor Who universe.

As much as I have always enjoyed the parts of Amy and especially Rory as the Doctor’s companions these past couple years, and as sad as it will be to see their end on the show as regulars, it is more than time.  Martha Jones was just one short season, though she did come back many times and even Donna had the same fate. Past companions that didn’t get enough time and we still miss… Heck I miss Rose and she was on for what seemed like the whole first four years.  They will be missed but it is very much time for these two to go.  Their story has been told and will, I am sure, come to a satisfying and emotional end.  I hope, with the natural flow of the series, they will find their way back into plots in the future, but I keep hoping that for David Tennant since his duplicate is still off wandering around that parallel world with Rose… But I know that is really quite unlikely since Moffat seems to want to cultivate his own show, and not one that compares in any way to the one that Russel T Davies brought us.  Yes I still miss him, but Moffat has been doing a good job and I think he will continue to do so. He can only get better, right? I hope so.

I am very excited for the changes that are coming this year to the show.  It is nice to have something to count on while so many networks are busy canceling quality shows merely because they cost too much.  I have always been impressed with how much Doctor Who costs and yet they always seem to go bigger and better.  But with such a strong and ever growing fan base, how can they not want to devote more to the show? This is going to be a good year to watch.