New Innovations Coming To Brick-Force


Berlin, 4th June 2012: With E3 starting tomorrow, game publisher and developer Infernum is unveiling new details about the open beta and the final release of Brick-Force. An entire arsenal of innovations awaits the players: Very soon, the game will have a shiny new appearance thanks to the browser version, two new shooter modes, interface reworks and loads of improvements to game mechanics. Editors will be able to catch a first glance at these updates throughout the week of E3.

Within the next few weeks, the sandbox shooter will switch from the limited VIP Open Beta to the final open beta phase. From that point on, the online game will be open for all players, with the official release to follow soon after. The completely redesigned interface introduces visual as well as functional changes compared to the previous version. Furthermore, two brand new features, requested by fans of “Brick Force” will soon create a whole new thrilling game mode: For the first time, “Build and Destroy” will enable the opposing teams to place bricks as well as destroy them within the shooter environment. At the same time, both teams fight each other in a classic Team Deathmatch. The second new feature will be the “Defense” mode. Brave square heads will have to fight wave after wave of different monsters. Besides these major changes, players can also look forward to improved balancing, new and sometimes interactive brick types, new costumes, an achievement system, new items and stats.

In addition, Mac users are in for some great news. The browser version is currently in the middle of its final preparations and will be available for PC and Mac-Users with the next update. Also, the development of the mobile versions for smartphones and tablet computers is well underway.

Brick-Force – Build, Share, Play

This sandbox shooter allows players to create worlds and maps that they’ve always dreamed of, brick by brick. They can also share these virtual playgrounds with the community and use them as the backdrop for fast paced shooter matches against fellow players or computerized opponents. This comic style online game is built on the ‘Unity 3D’ engine and will be playable in web browsers. The ‘sandbox’ mode, in which players use simple building blocks to construct complex environments, can be played on social networks and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Brick-Force is being developed by Korean game developer EXE Games as a co-production with Infernum. The Open Beta will start on the April 26th. The release will follow this Summer. More information can be found at


Title: Brick-Force
Genre: Sandbox Shooter Platform: Browser, Mobile devices (cross-platform)
Publisher: Infernum Productions
Developer: EXE Games
Release: Summer 2012 Beta: Closed: 28.02.2012 Open: 26.04.2012
PEGI: Evaluation pending
Languages: German, English, French, Polish, Turkish, Spanish

About Infernum
Infernum Productions is an international publisher and developer of online games, based in Berlin. The company was founded in summer 2011 by Andreas Weidenhaupt, Tobias Gerlinger and Markus Melching, and focuses on high-quality free-to-play online titles. Infernum also expands its game experiences by extending titles to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets (cross platform). For more information please visit: