NEW Wannabe 5″ Flocked Dunny Art Figure by Luke Chueh – Now Available at

Happy Friday the 13th! It is killer out here… with 90 degrees and humidity. I am not a big fan of excessive heat like this. It isn’t just the sweatiness, it is the exhaustion, the discomfort, and the fact that it gives me migraines if I am not especially careful. Sometimes you just have to go into survival mode on days like this, but at least it is a Friday and that means we made it through the week. So this is my first Friday blog, and it is to be about what I want to buy. As I sit here, I honestly don’t know what I want. The heat can do that, too. I just don’t function as well. I guess if I had to really think about it, I would want something fun to perk me up. Maybe something to inspire my own creativity… and then there is an email. I am on a lot of mailing lists, but aren’t we all? Mostly I skip or just flat out delete, but this one caught my eye: Wannabe Dunny.

I have been a long-time Kidrobot fan since my sister Krista brought me home my first one as a Christmas gift. She lived in Denver at that time and had access to all this cool stuff that a little town in Michigan did not have. It was such an exciting time to discover something new like that. And my love for Kidrobot was born.

Today’s email about the Wannabe Dunny by Luke Chueh has definitely sparked me. Before I list the information below, I just gotta say that I love anything flocked. Love. Plus his bloody little paws are a perfect match to this Dunny being released on Friday the 13th (no coincidence on their part, I am sure).

NEW Wannabe 5″ Flocked Dunny Art Figure by Luke Chueh – Now Available at

At the end of the day doesn’t everyone just really wanna be a Dunny? Kidrobot and Luke Chueh are ready to prove it with this new limited edition Wannabe 5-inch Flocked Dunny Art Figure. This flocked beary bloody Dunny pays homage to Luke Chueh’s Possessed piece and brings a macabre cuteness to your collection like only Luke Chueh can. Limited to 1500 pieces worldwide and created with Kidrobot’s legendary high-quality vinyl, this 5-inch tall uniquely sculpted bear Dunny comes with a bloody knife in a displayable window box.  You can now be the wannabe you’ve always wanted to be!

About Luke Chueh

Los Angeles based artist Luke Chueh is an award-winning Chinese-American lowbrow/pop surrealist painter. His paintings tend to be a juxtaposition of the cute with the macabre, including various self-portraits reimagining himself as a bear character.

He got his start when the Los Angeles underground art show, Cannibal Flower, invited him to show at their monthly events. Since then Luke Chueh has worked his way up the ranks of the Los Angeles art scene, establishing himself as an artist not to be ignored. Employing minimal color schemes, simple animal characters, and a seemingly endless list of ill-fated situations, Luke Chueh stylistically balances cute with brute, walking the fine line between comedy and tragedy. Luke Chueh’s work has been featured in galleries around the world.

Wannabe 5” Flocked Dunny Art Figure by Luke Chueh