Night on Earth, Second Hand – CD Review

Night on Earth comes to us from Athens, Greece; an 8 piece ‘sound collective’ now releasing their sophomore albumSecond Hand. I won’t even try to classify their style or compare them to others, it would not be right. They are quite unique. They are moody and elegantÉ emotional and provocative… excitable and soothing… Each piece, I find it hard to even classify them as just songs, takes you on a tour through various emotive states. You can just feel the music through you as it takes you to a different time and place. It feels like there is a world around me that wasn’t there before. You can easily be lost as each track passes you by, more easily so in those where Sofia Sarri has lent her vocals. Her voice is mesmerizing.

The more instrumental songs have a far more foreign feel since there are some spoken words, but not in English, which is what Sophia sings in. The fascinating thing is, I think if she were to sing in Greek, it would still be just as tranquil and fascinating for the mind.

This was not something I would listen to normally. I would think of it more as mood music, something to listen to when needing to relax or unwind. I think they do an excellent job at what they do and I will certainly spend more time listening to them in the future. I can only imagine how stunning they would be to see perform a live show with all of them up there…

Track Listing:
1. Glosses Tou Kampou
2. Lafira
3. Nightshift
4. Crocus
5. Tou Asotou
6. Atman
7. Dawn
8. Prisons
9. Gliding
10. Within the Fire
11. Vesper
Released 27 October 2009, Upstar/SIN/Greece