Nonpoint: Interview

As I was speeding down the Beltline a few Saturdays ago, I was cursing at myself, and thinking “Fuck, I’m going to miss the whole damn show. If only I would’ve gone to bed early the night before, instead of staying up till the crack of dawn…” maybe then I wouldn’t have slept through my ‘naptime’ alarm. Luckily, as though it was meant to be, I made it to the Orbit Room just in time to see Robb, the drummer of Nonpoint, do his warm up laps around the stage. Elias and the guys got the crowd going with some of the older hits like ‘What a Day’ and ‘Endure’, but also gave the fans a taste of the upcoming record with their new single ‘Lucky 13’. Even though I missed the first few bands, it was clear to see who the crowd came for. Nonpoint’s energy on stage kept the fans entertained from beginning to end, and Elias was sure to get the crowd involved in the songs; looking around, I noticed that just about everybody was singing along, including myself. This wasn’t the first time I’ve seen Nonpoint live, and after their performance on the 27th, it certainly won’t be the last. Even though I was late for the concert, I still felt as though I got exactly what I came for. After the show, I had the opportunity to sit down with guitarist Zach Broderick for a little one on one.

Amanda: Could you give me a little background on Nonpoint?

Zach: The band started about 13 years ago, out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL – We pretty much blew up on Ozzfest, first single was What a Day, that was pretty big, then there’s the tediously long touring schedules the never end, which helped us gain a big following.

Amanda: I think I’ve seen you guys at least 6 or 7 times myself.

Zach: Yeah, yeah – You keep coming out, so we keep going out!

Amanda: How long have you been on the road, for this tour?

Zach: It started about 2 weeks ago, it’s a new tour, we’re setting up for the big new record we have coming out.

Amanda: Awesome, so is there any place to hear a sneak peak of the new record, maybe hear one of the new songs you’ll have coming out?

Zach: Yeah, we have a new song called ‘Miracle’, which features one of the producers of the record – Chad Grey from Mudvayne, and he sings parts of the chorus, and parts of the bridge. He switches it up with our singer Elias, and that is available for download on March 30th.

Amanda: Can we find that on myspace?

Zach: Actually itunes will have it March 30th, available for download. The record comes out April 27th, and it’s also called Miracle – Our first single is getting spun like crazy all over the nation right now. It just came on the radio about a week ago, and it’s out all over the place, and then Octane has it on their top 10 countdown, it made that already, so we couldn’t be happier about that.

Amanda: Nice! Are you looking at a number one album, you think?

Zach: Haha, I don’t want to jinx things… knock on wood, but that would be cool!

Amanda: What 2 bands are your biggest influences?

Zach: Personally mine, as a guitar player, number one favorite band would be Pantera.

Amanda: Yes! I think if you’re a true metal-head you have to love Pantera, right?

Zach: You’ll definitely hear that all over the record, I’m good friends with Rex the bass player, and Vinnie the drummer – Yea, they’re really cool. Man, for my number two, geez I don’t know – Pantera is an easy one, but there are so many other bands. I like Clutch a lot; I’m a big fan of theirs.

Amanda: So you’re not strictly metal then?

Zach: No, I like classic rock, I like crazy stuff, I like Reverend Horton Heat – I’m pretty diverse as far as music. That’s what makes this band so cool, it’s like a big melting pot, and everybody has tons of different influences. Each individual in the band, the 4 of us, all have our own favorites and I think that’s what makes this band unique. We’ll be like ‘Hey what are you listening to?’ ‘I’ve never heard of them before’ ‘Well what are you playing?’

Amanda: Who’s your favorite band to tour with so far?

Zach: There has been so many different tours with so many bands, to be able to think of a favorite. Every band has been great in their own sense. We were out with Disturbed for a long time – went out with Mudvayne for a while, and that’s when we hooked up with Chad Grey, and decided that they would start producing the new record. There’s never been a bad Nonpoint tour – the rest of the guys will tell you the same thing.

Amanda: Who comes up with all your lyrics?

Zach: That’s all Elias, and we do the music. He actually comes up music sometimes too. There’s one track on the new album that’s a hidden song he does… OOPS, I just leaked that to the press… but anyways, the last song on the album is Lucky 13, we just played it tonight. Once the song is over it just keeps playing, and there’s just silence – Damn, why am I telling you this?

Amanda: Oh please, do go on!

Zach: Ok, at the minute mark 9:54, which is the Ft. Lauderdale area code, you’re going to hear a little hidden track where Elias comes in on the keyboard – He’s a very universal kind of dude. But yea, as far as words, that’s all Elias. We might give him some direction as to what the story will be, but we don’t come up with any lyrics. Elias is great at what he does. Everyone in the band has their own duty and we like to stick to what we do best.

Amanda: What would you say your favorite poison is? I see a silver bullet right there, is that you’re favorite?

Zach: Oh yea, I don’t drink hard liquor anymore.

Amanda: So you guys aren’t big partiers after being on the road for over a decade?

Zach: I don’t know how people really could go every single night, getting shit-faced, because I certainly can’t… Some people can, and that’s cool, I don’t knock anybody who does, but who could go to their job everyday hung over? I just like to chill out and have a few drinks.

Amanda: Some people can handle it better than others, like Lemmy, who drinks a fifth of jack a day, right?

Zach: I actually just saw him a couple weeks ago – That’s another one of my favorite bands, Motorhead!

Amanda: What can your fans expect from your new album?

Zach: I’ve been hearing it’s a little different. It’s hard for the band to actually judge our own record I guess you could say. From our outside resources, which is the people that work for our label, our friends that come on the bus and listen to it, are like ‘Holy Shit, that’s cool’. Mudvayne, the guys that produced it, tell us it’s different then our other albums. We even hear that it could be our black album, like this is it. We’ll see, like I said, I can’t judge it, but I love every song on it and I’m really proud to release it.

Amanda: What’s your favorite album that you guys have made so far?

Zach: Well, this one, Miracle.

Amanda: Well I’m super excited now… I don’t get one before I leave or anything?

Zach: We don’t even have one! We just have the mp3’s not the actual record yet.

Amanda: Ok, so I have kind of a weird question – If you could dig up one person, who would it be?

Zach: What would I be doing with this person?

Amanda: Well, anything you want. You get them alive for one day – Who would it be?

Zach: Marilyn Monroe.

Amanda: I was thinking it’d be some big rock star, of course I should’ve known it would be a chick! So what are you listening to these days, new music wise?

Zach: The new Mudvayne is really cool, actually another on is Day of Fire, one of the other bands on this tour with us – I just picked up their cd, and it’s pretty awesome.

Amanda: What’s in store for Nonpoint, after you guys finish up with this tour?

Zach: More Tours! This tour ends about mid-April. Our record comes out April 27th, so therefore there’s just a two week gap. I’m sure we’re going to be right back on the road, so we can do Rock on the Range, which is a world renowned festival. It’s a gigantic show, and this is going to be our first time being there. We’ve always been asked to play it, and now we finally have the opportunity, and the timing is perfect to do it.

Amanda: is that going to be your cd release tour then?

Zach: No April 27th is the actual release date, so I’m guessing we might do something in our hometown, maybe to release it, but that’s all going to be worked out – I’m sure we’ll probably just take a couple weeks, maybe a month at the most, and its back on the road.

Amanda: Enough to catch up on sleep, and that’s about it then?

Zach: Yeah the next few months are going to be really busy – We’ll be going overseas and all that good stuff. This summer is going to be awesome – We’re all so excited, there’s a great vibe between the band.

Amanda: Where’s the best place for fans to find your music?

Zach: has our music player – We have 5 Minutes Alone on there, our Pantera cover, which was really cool to do. You can also find the older songs on there as well, and the new stuff on April 27th. We also have

Amanda: So are you guys going to come back to Grand Rapids for your new cd?

Zach: Absolutely, yes we had a great time tonight, we’ll always come back here!

Amanda: Any final words for your fans?

Zach: No last words… There will be many more to come – We appreciate everybody who comes out to check us out, and it’s going to be a good year!