Nonpoint, Miracle – CD Review

Over the past decade, Nonpoint has managed to keep the same style and individuality that they had since their debut album Statement, which was released in October of 2000, and made it to the top 200 Billboard Charts. With a new label, new management, and their new guitarist Zach Broderick, Nonpoint changed things up a bit, and went with producer Chad Gray for their new album, Miracle. Chad Gray is the lead singer for Mudvayne, and as you listen to the album, you can certainly hear how he influenced each track. Chad also does vocals with Elias on the band’s 1st single, which is also titled “Miracle”. Nonpoint’s new album Miracle is expected to be released on May 4th of this year, which I think is fitting since this will be their 10th album to be released.

Miracle could very well be Nonpoint’s black album – There isn’t a bad track on the whole album in my opinion, and I’d have to say my favorite song is “Crazy”. It reminds me of the Nonpoint I first became a fan of ten years ago. I could easily see myself wearing out my copy of the cd, the same way I did with Statement and Development.

What’s cool about the last song “Lucky 13”, is that you get a chance to hear Elias put his talents to use in other ways besides vocals – if you wait till minute mark 9:54, there’s a hidden track in which Elias plays the piano and sings a bluesy little song that could pass as a lullaby – It’s beautiful, and makes a perfect ending for such an awesome album.

Another song that I really loved was the Pantera cover, “5 Minutes Alone” – They were bold enough to take on a song from one of the biggest most loved metal bands on the planet, and I believe they did it justice. 5 Minutes Alone is the perfect cover to add to the general fuck you theme of the album. The 1st single “Miracle” is a perfect example of this theme – Elias himself stated “I wrote this song as a gigantic ‘Fuck You’ to all those that doubted this band’s will and perseverance. It’s for all the naysayers that tried to lead us into defeat, and the fans that have stood behind us for over ten years. It set the tone for the whole record. We’re here to wage war on the airwaves, and to stop us is going to take a fucking Miracle.”

Be sure to check out the single “Miracle” available now on itunes, or pick up the album on May 4th. For more on Nonpoint, find them online at or on myspace at