“I remember thinking it was a pretty cute joke when she sent me the demo, but when I woke up singing the hook…I knew it was real shit somehow.” – Lee Miles (Oh My Stars, The Red Jumpsuit Aparatus, Puddle of Mudd, Tickle Me Pink, etc…)

“When I first heard Novi’s music I was struck by the strong originality and the defining musicality. They are great and very original sounding songs and her voice soars! I love listening back to these tracks now – they really hold up.” – Brian Malouf, Cookie Jar Recording (Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince)

Like her namesake, Novi is a new artist that is on a fast-track to stardom. Her first EP, Now I’m Here, set to be released for Fall of 2011, is sure to spark an immediate following from listeners throughout the music spectrum.

She comes to the scene with an original, distinct sound that is eclectic enough to hit the chords of any music lover in the galaxy. The smooth, electro-pop sounds that emanate from the speakers are a compulsive rise and fall of beats on every track that capture listeners, hook, line, and sinker.

With looping skills envious of Imogen Heap, and lyrics that send second guesses straight into the back of your mind (“I had bar flies sipping on my Motherf#*king drink”) you’ll have Novi “peddling back” through your mind all day. (Don’t worry. It’s a good thing.)

Starting with Now I’m Here, the self-titled track of the EP with the same name, is a slow psychedelic beat. With miscellaneous sounds strewn about in the background that only add to the thrill of listening to Novi for the first time. Her album follows the pattern of most of her tracks. They rise in tempo, and then drop back down, like an EKG of what your heart looks like as you listen. Same Old Song, the fourth track on her EP, captures the idea of Novi completely. The slow beat in the background, with different sounds intermittent between a steady beat, gives way to her lyrics, “I’m tired of the same old song, tearin’ me up at the end of the day,” which suddenly leads in to a fast-paced, hard-hitting female rap solo, all done by Novi.

Her cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s Scarborough Fair, not only does the song justice, but also gives the lyrics new meaning with her haunting intro that starts off with three short stagnant pauses. Barely recognized until they’re over, the pauses are the epitome of Novi’s music. You don’t know what hit you until it’s already over.

Novi is currently rehearsing for regional shows with “Blackbirds” as the first single to mark her arrival onto the music scene. Meanwhile, a full EP is tentatively slated for a Fall 2011 release. More music from Novi can be found on various web sites and social networking sites such as Reverb Nation, Facebook, and Soundcloud. You can visit the official Novi website at for music, news and links.


1. Now I’m Here (A Prelude) [2:12]

2. Blackbirds (feat. Lee Miles) [3:00]

3. Dominoes [3:29]

4. Same Old Song [3:42]

5. Time Bombs [3:36]

6. Wounded (feat. Lee Miles) [4:23]

7. Scarborough Fair [3:33]

8. Irretrievable [4:17]