Oh My God, The Night Undoes the Work of the Day – CD Review

I have been on the fence about this album the whole time I have had it to listen to. I like it then it irritates me. Well I have narrowed it more to specific songs and qualities that do so. For example, in the beginning of the album you start to thinking that they sound just like a cover band that tried to make their own album. Just as you start to think this is exactly they case, they pull out a cover, “One Thing Leads to Another”, originally done by The Fixx. And you envision them at a live show pulling out that cover to play and the crowd just loving it. So by track 6, you feel like you have Oh My God pretty well pegged. I find the two main tracks that get on my nerves are in that first few as well. Anyway, so then comes track 7, “Baby, Dream”, and you feel like you just leapt over a hurdle. From here on out the album makes, what I feel, is a great improvement and it really has some very cool songs. Now donÕt get me wrong, there are one or two in the beginning that are okay or I like, but the latter half of the album is where I really feel that this band shines. Their cover was acceptable, they sound like they really had fun with it and that it would be a great one live.

I could listen to this in my normal circulation; I would just need to omit some of the weaker songs. I feel like there is at least a single or two, though. There is something interesting going on with this group.

Track Listing:

1. My Own Adventure
2. My Prayer
3. Bring Yourself
4. Baby There’s Nothin’ Wrong
5. I Don’t Think It’s So Funny
6. One Thing Leads To Another
7. Baby, Dream
8. My Juliet
9. I Dare You To Love Me
10. Strangers On A Train

Released 29 September 2009, Red Distribution