Ozzy Osbourne, Scream – CD Review

Recently I read on Facebook that someone made a comment about how Dio (RIP) died yet Ozzy is still alive; how with the life Ozzy has lived, it is surprising that he is still around. Still around and making music, no less.

Gone is Zakk Wylde. Gone is all the supporting cast that Ozzy has had around him for years. The only name I recognized is Blasko (Rob Zombie). All that aside, it is still Ozzy.

As I began playing Scream (yes, some of us still have CD’s) I couldn’t help but think how he has been touring (OzzFest) with bands 20 years younger than him, and on the first track “Let it Die”, I couldn’t help but notice the influence. The processed vocal track made me worry that Ozzy had stopped being an innovator and had become a has-been. As luck would have it the song did become more traditional Ozzy. The title track, “Let Me Hear You Scream” is easily an instant classic. I had to play it over a few times at full volume. I’m sure the person in the car next to me was not happy about that.

From then on out, Scream turns into classic Ozzy. However, I can’t help but wonder, after watching the video for “Shot in the Dark”, how much longer he can keep this up? On the other hand, I guess as long as the albums still maintain the quality rock that Scream has, then we should have no worries.

The godfather of Metal lives on!